Eboni Lee graduated from St. John’s University with a degree in Pre-Law with a concentration in Business Administration. Ms. Lee has extensive knowledge of policy, procedure and contracts submission. Previously Ms. Lee worked for Newark’s Board of Education in the Compliance Office, while continuing to develop her skill sets through volunteerism. Ms. Lee has a keen eye for the detail in her work.

Working at ASun Star, Ms. Lee is quoted as having her life complete and fulfilling due to the experiences she has with the youth and personnel. Her role as Senior Administrative Coordinator puts her at the center of the organization. Ms. Lee interacts with state and local county officials. Her commitment is visible to all who come into contact with her. There’s no question that goes unanswered and Ms. Lee’s service to the participants and families have always received the highest feedback during survey time.

Ms. Lee is a valuable asset to the team and without her coordination and care, the organization would not feel whole.