ASun Star’s mission is to
provide a therapeutic alternative
to the youth and families within
our community.

We target those who need to
restore hope, and rebuild self-esteem, as a result of out-of
–home placement in both public
and private institutions. It is our aim to create a brighter future
for the leaders of tomorrow.

Established in 2005, ASun Star grew out of the platform the “Violence Against Children By Children” which was initially created while participating within the Miss America Organization. It was during this event where the program R.E.A.C.T. (Recreational Events Aiding Children’s Talents) was developed. REACT was developed as an after school program that focused on a strengths perspective as it monopolized on the assets of the youth and provided them with recreational activities as homework readiness, esteem building, self image and academic enhancement to enable them to succeed in the community.

During the operating course of this program, it was evident that children seem to flourish more in the context of a normal setting as home or their community. Therefore, there existed the need to devise and implement a program that would provide services to children in a natural setting. From that beginning, ASun Star emerged as a significant provider of in-home intensive counseling.


Our scope of services is broad. Trained staff members provide the following programs: individual and family counseling, individualized parenting skill classes, behavior modification, anger management, grief counseling, art therapy and mentoring services. ASun Star serves both children and adults of various lifestyles and backgrounds while using a strength based approach. Lastly, we provide support for the values and needs of both single parent families; foster care children, and families in which both parents live in the same household. It is our ultimate goal to provide each child and adult with the basic skills to be productive in the community.