Did You Know?

Children who have mentors and
additional supports are
46% less likely to use illegal drugs
27% less likely to use alcohol
37% less likely to skip class
53% less likely to become truant
33% less likely to be physically aggressive.

**a Pew Public/Private Ventures Study**


Within this program, our clients will enhance their decision-making ability and develop increased self-confidence in their ability to achieve personal, academic, and career goals. Individual counseling may focus on any area of concern and counseling goals are mutually planned by the client and therapist.

The purpose of this program is to utilize the support of others in learning how to communicate more comfortably and effectively, to identify and explore inner feelings, to gain feedback from others, and to experiment and learn new ways of relating to others.

Designed to aid our parents and provide them with the skills necessary to raise children to become responsible adults. Furthermore, parents learn certain decision tactics to solve problems in order to be an effective person and parent. Within this twelve week program, one-on-one sessions are held on core topics; such as: building a child’s self-esteem, proper methods of discipline, and creating age-appropriate rules and boundaries. Because every parent’s needs are different; outside of the core topics, the remainder of the syllabus is catered to the needs/goals of that particular client.

This therapeutic behavioral program is designed to improve the quality and effectiveness of service to children within a demographic area. It is designed to transform the lives of the most highly at-risk youth within our service area, by connecting them with positive people that they can look up to and giving them positive outlets in which they explore and utilize their talents.

Within this program, a professional is sent to monitor and assist in visits with family members. The professional will observe and document the interaction and engagement of individuals, provide positive interventions, and hold joint clinical sessions and activities, when necessary, on things such as bond/relationship building.

A tutor will work one-on-one with the child on the individual needs that are identified by an individualized lesson plan.

This eight week program is designed to assist our cliental in learning how to reduce the emotional and physiological arousal of anger, identify the triggers, and to learn to control the effect it has on each individual and their environment.

Clients in this program will be taught the fundamentals of independence. Areas covered will include; self help skills, independent living skills, academic/ vocational achievement, positive self image, communication skills, budgeting, nutrition, positive social skills, drug/alcohol prevention, AIDS/HIV prevention, decision making skills and tools in conflict resolution, as well as community linkages.

The goal of this program is to provide readjustment counseling and social services for current and previously incarcerated juveniles. This initiative will support youth reconnecting within families and to resources of the broader community. Transition issues will vary but will include assisting with the emotional transition from prison to home, working through family issues, educational/ vocational training, life skills, preventing recidivism, and working through interpersonal issues while creating a drug-free social life, gang prevention and ending risky behavior.

This program provides a circle of support for survivors of child sexual abuse and adult sexual assault. Lastly, we provide confidential counseling that ultimately provides our clients with the necessary skills to help them overcome fears and memories associated with sexual abuse.

During this session clients will learn how to live with death, dying, and grief. Within our session we explore the following components: the fear of death, the grieving process, and ways to cope with a person’s death. Each session is tailored to meet each age group and the specific needs of our clients.



These sessions offer an opportunity to explore intense or painful thoughts and feelings in a supportive environment. Our program utilizes a wide variety of art and play therapy materials for example anatomic dolls, therapeutic games, paints, and clay as a way to create a visual representation of one’s thoughts and feelings. Drama therapy focuses on bodily, expressive movement that displays one’s feelings or emotions through non-verbal movements.

This program contains a collection of strategies to help both children and adults: (1) develop an accurate concept of who they are and (2) practice skills for interacting with others. Our direct goal is to directly enhance the self-esteem of our clients by engaging them in experiences that develop a wide range of life and social skills and to build their confidence and sense of responsibility.

This program serves as an effective way to handle difficult situations in the home setting, the school, and in the community. This program helps our clientele understand that physical violence is not appropriate ways for dealing with problems. Furthermore, it teaches each client how to utilize alternative dispute resolution in his or her daily lives.

The goals of this initiative are to provide Behavioral Staff Support services both in and out of school for targeted students attending urban public/private schools, in order to 1) increase school attendance, 2) reduce violent incidents between these students and others in school, 3) reduce negative acting-out behaviors, particularly toward teachers and administrative staff, 4) help targeted youth readjust to being back in school and in the community, 5) enhance affected youths’ opportunities for learning and involvement in school activities, 6) help these students deal with peer pressures, family problems, and other external issues affecting their school department and performance, and 7) provide any and all support needed so that these youths are successful in school.

The primary goal of the ASun Star’s Therapeutic Summer Day Camp is to prepare youth to live and thrive in a world that is increasingly changing. Additionally, to create a therapeutic atmosphere where children can succeed and develop self-help skills, independence, academic enhancement, and a positive self-image. The goals of the program will be met by targeting the following objectives:

  1. Provide therapeutic groups on topics that affect them daily
  2. Provide behavioral support to assist youth within a structured environment
  3. Provide an opportunity for youth to attend camp that may have behavioral, mental, and developmental disabilities
  4. Provide a comprehensive package of educational materials in the area of (science, technology, writing and comprehension, math and creative arts)
  5. Provide both peer group support and tutoring
  6. Lastly, provide educational seminars, and trips that are age appropriate for each group involved.

ASun Star’s intensive therapeutic afterschool program to services behaviorally challenged youth, as well as their caregivers and family members. The program is designed to utilize psychotherapeutic counseling intervention to assist identified participants in stabilizing their behavior. However, the difference between this proposed program and other existing programs is that in conjunction with therapeutic services, ASun Star will offer a fun, interesting, engaging, motivational and nurturing program aimed at inspiring and encouraging participation. The program utilizes positive affirmations and reinforcement to reward and encourage socially acceptable behavior.

Our agency is designed to serve parents, children, and community groups. We offer information, referral, education, training, technical assistance, and resource development.