Mental Health/Drug and Alcohol (SUD) Outpatient (OP/IOP)services
We offer in-home and outpatient services to address challenges that an individual may be experiencing with Mental Health/ Drugs and Alcohol.  Behavioral therapies vary in their focus and may involve addressing a person’s motivation to change, providing incentives for abstinence, building skills to resist drug use, replacing drug-using activities with constructive and rewarding activities, improving problem-solving skills, and facilitating better interpersonal relationships. Also, participation in group therapy and other peer support programs during and following treatment can help maintain abstinence.


Individual/ Family Counseling/ Behavioral Assistance 
Within this program, our youth will enhance their decision-making ability and develop increased self-confidence in their ability to achieve personal, academic, and career goals. Individual and family counseling may focus on any area of concern and goals are mutually planned by the youth, family, and therapist.  Areas may include: anger management, sexual abuse, conflict resolution, life skills, self-esteem, adjusting to a new placement, job training, becoming a teenager; and art, drama, play therapy, etc.


Parenting Skills/ PBMT (Parent Behavioral Management Technique):

  • This 12-wk structured program aims to change parenting behaviors, teaching parents positive reinforcement methods for improving pre-school and school-age children’s behavior problems (such as aggression, hyperactivity, temper tantrums, and difficulty following directions).  Furthermore, parents learn certain decision tactics to solve problems in order to be an effective person and parent.  One-on-one sessions are held on core topics; such as: building a child’s self-esteem, proper methods of discipline, and creating age-appropriate rules and boundaries. Because every parent’s needs are different; outside of the core topics, the remainder of the syllabus is catered to the needs/goals of that particular youth. 


Parent Mentor

  • Our Parent Mentor program works with families to bring about constructive change through support, guidance, instruction and/or treatment. During each session, the parent mentor helps the parent to discover constructive ways to address a situation that may be causing concern, assists with identifying goals, and helps them with designing action steps to attain the goal identified. 
  • The Parent Mentor encourages the parent to discover and address stresses and challenges that may be impacting them and their children, helping the parent evaluate the systems they have in place that are already supportive and then guiding them to tap into them more efficiently.  Sections of our structured 12-wk parenting program are implemented throughout the course of treatment with this service.


Mentoring Services 
This therapeutic behavioral program is designed to improve the quality and effectiveness of service to children within a demographic area. It is designed to transform the lives of the most highly at-risk youth within our service area, by connecting them with positive people that they can look up to and giving them positive outlets in which they explore and utilize their talents. 


Tutor will work one-on-one with youth on individual needs identified by an individualized lesson plan. 


Job Coach  
This service allows a youth to learn the basic skills of preparing to locate employment and work experience through volunteering.  The Job Coach will work one-on-one with the youth to build a resume, which may include finding volunteer opportunities to identify interest and add experience to the resume.  Additional objectives will include: helping the youth to complete applications and apply for jobs in-person and online, working on interview skills (verbal vs. non-verbal communication), and identifying strengths and long term vocational and/or educational goals.