ASun Star seeks to recruit the brightest talent to assist children, adolescents, adults, and families.  We offer intensive agency trainings, professional development, and continuing education to help our team members help our communities be the brightest.  

Our agency has implemented an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system, which allows us to get staff the info they need without them having to come into the office to submit or pickup paperwork. In addition, staff are able to coordinate a flexible schedule with families to complete assessments and services.

Hours are Flexible.  Available hours: Day, Afternoon, and Weekend


Please note all salary/rates listed are subject to change without website updates.
Rates are dependant on education, license, experience, etc.

(BCBA, BCaba, BCBA-d)

Pay b/w $45-$100/hr:

For Adolescents and Adults, we are looking for individuals who have experience working with the I/DD population and have an interest in:

*completing in-home FBA and BPS assessments

*supervising behavioral techs within the home setting

*Certified as a BCBA for a minimum of 2 years

(RBT, Masters, Bachelors, HS Diploma)

Pay b/w $15-$30/hr:

For Adolescents and Adults, we are looking for individuals who have experience in working with the I/DD population and have an interest in:

*implementing interventions from a support plan

*working with individuals on ADLS’s and behaviors

*tracking data

*working with the I/DD population


Pay b/w $16-$20/hr:

*Provide supervision and care of (up to) 20 participants

*Develop classroom and behavioral management skills

*Lead and plan recreational activities

*Develop relationships with children and their families

*Enforce all safety procedures and protocols with the participants/ staff

*Document all issues as needed including participants behavior and incidents

*Report all medical, emergency, physical/ verbal incidents

*Follow the curriculum and make sure the program is on time for all components

(Masters, Bachelors, HS Diploma)

Pay b/w $15-$22/hr:

For Adolescents and Adults, we are looking for individuals who have experience in:

*Mentoring – Being a positive role model to individuals. Exposing them to new hobbies and community interests while expanding theirs

*Job Coach – Helping individuals identify and accomplish pro vocational goal

*Behavioral Assistance – Working with individual on person centered goals to assist with making positive decisions within their home, school and community

*Educational Assistance – Assisting individuals with accomplishing their education goals


Pay per day $60-$80

*Communicate with families and agencies when in route

*Assign seats using seating chart

*Make sure youths have seat belts on at all times

*Pay attention to the conversations, behaviours and interact with youth at all times

*Complete transportation log for each pick up and drop off


Pay per day $85-$105

*Pick up/drop off each youth on the side street they live on

*Drive at speed limit at all times

*Sweep, clean bus at end of each day and trash taken out daily

*Take bus for wash once a month

*Notify any accidents/ mechanical issues as soon as possible

Program Coordinator

Pay per annum $40k-$60k

*Coordinates activities of support staff, consultants, faculty

*Collect and analyze data; prepare schedule, reports; maintain program project records and statistical information

*Supervise all incoming/outgoing mail and emails

*Attend all company meetings and trainings

*Provide administrative support in the development, implementation and marketing of program/project function

*Assist with curriculum and policy creation

*Perform miscellaneous job related duties as assigned


Pay per annum $45k -75k

*Ensures that modules to treatment are evidence based or based on objective

*Adheres to implementation of policies and procedures

*Ensures that services are provided as specified in the patient treatment plan and coordinated with other patient care services

*Assist with curriculum creation and implementation

*Run groups and individual clinical sessions

*Provide orientation and evaluation to new clinical staff

*Provide trainings/supervision and program evaluation to staff (if applicable)

*Carries a clinical caseload in the role of BCBA/BCaBA

Amazing place to work. A very relaxed atmosphere and fast paced work environment.

Rafael JimenezAmazing Place

I have been with the company for almost 2 years and I can say that if you're looking for employers who turn into family this is the place for you . Asunstar is a place where we all grow together to provide stability for all those we encounter !!

Ashley BrownGreat company

As being an employee of ASun Star, it has been nothing but a pleasure to work with this company! The facility provides so many opportunities for all their employees. The staff takes care of each one of their employees with all respect and equality. The facility feels like a welcoming home and has offered me a wonderful opportunity to gain so much more experience that I’ve been looking for!

Nrmeen HayekPleasure to work for

As an employee/independent contractor this agency provides much employment opportunity. Many positions are flexible in terms of hours. Employees have the opportunity to make their own schedule. This agency also provides opportunity to attain experience for people in the field of psychology or social work.

Victor CalderonFlexible positions

A very delightful place to work I actually go into the office just to do my progress notes on a weekly basis just because the office environment is so warm and friendly. I have plenty of places to go including the library to do my work, but I enjoy being around my co-workers. If ever you have a problem after hours, have no fear on call is always there, to answer all your questions and concerns. HR staff keeps you up to date with all the trainings and monthly classes even after mailing out a monthly calendar. You work as much as you want or don't want, up to you.

Nella Ella MGDelightful place to work

Effective, quality based services. Long term staff who are committed to mission statement.

Carol Jennett MSW, LCSW, LCADCStaff committed to mission statement

Great company to work for. They go above and beyond to make sure staff and the families are working well together and making sure the best services are provided.

Shadia TaylorGreat company to work for

A wonderful company. The staff are very hands on and informative of all aspects. As an employee, I've learned a great deal! Thank you!

Dreadloc BlerdWonderful company