Working with children and families has always been a true passion of Ebony. As a former educator for over ten years, Ebony has had the opportunity to work with all age groups ranging from eighteen months to twenty-one years of age, this includes but is not limited to children with behavioral challenges and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities. During Ebony’s duration as a teacher, she created curriculums, supervised, and mentored new hires to prepare them to not only be effective educators, but helped them foster a healthy, safe environment for the youth.

Recently, Ebony decided to use the knowledge and experience that she gained to transition to a position, where she can be hands-on with participants while managing program-related internal and external communications and organizing and maintaining the program’s agenda.

At ASun Star, Ebony feels that she has been granted an amazing opportunity to use the knowledge and skills she has gained in the education field to project and provide a therapeutic environment for both youth, young adults, and adults within the community. ASun star’s top priority is dedicated to helping our families succeed and prosper!!