Rafael Jimenez is a Human Resources Manager with over five years of successful experience in the area of Human Resources management. Rafael specializes in the coordination/delegation of departmental tasks and employee management.

Starting as an intern, Rafael was able to create, fund, and manage programs for non-profit organizations which lead to his start in the Human Resources field. As a young HR professional, Rafael was quickly relied upon for having the ability to write, dissect, and apply HR policies to organizations and programs. Moving on to becoming a specialist in the field. Rafael was responsible for providing HR support to the Los Angeles/West Coast area; quickly becoming a go-to authority in California employment laws and a key player in resolving HR-Related items as they developed in stationary work units.

As the HR Manager of a company of 2,000 employees, Rafael Jimenez lead a department of five HR Professionals as the company experienced a hyper-rapid growth of over 37% per month. With a turnover rate of 30% a month, Rafael was able to broker partnerships in the community and with employment centers to maintain appropriate staffing levels while also restructuring the organization’s employment culture with the introduction of an employee relations overhaul.

As an HR Manager, Rafael Jimenez is responsible for ensuring that the company’s HR functions are well-coordinated, and ensuring that compliance mechanisms are working as they are intended. Furthermore; in only a short time, Rafael has been instrumental in managing the company’s employee record consolidation and re-structuring of ASun Star’s HR department.